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Why Should I Hire an Event Planner?

September 22, 2017

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10 Ways to Keep Your Photographer Happy & Get the Best Pictures of Your Life!

June 14, 2018


1.  Give Them a Timeline of the Day and Stick to It


One photographer even said, “Getting a rundown of the day would be magical!"  It’s important for them to know when things will happen, so they can be prepared to capture them.  Yes, your wedding day should be relaxed, but try to be aware and respectful of time.  For example, “It is pretty hard for us when everyone hangs out for two hours and we get super behind.  Then we are rushed to get all the shots we want, and it stresses everyone out.  Just be courteous with your time.”


2.  Professional Makeup Really Makes a Difference


Often brides are tempted to save money by doing their own hair and makeup, because why not? … I like my hair and makeup the way I always do it?  What you may not realize is that wedding makeup is truly unique.  It needs to walk a fine line between stage makeup and everyday makeup.  A professional will be able to highlight your face enough that it really does look radiant in your photos up close AND from far away.  If your face doesn’t POP in those photos because your makeup isn’t on point, there’s not much your photographer can do about it!


3.  DO NOT bring them 100 Pinterest Photos to Recreate


Not a lot of brides realize this is a BIG no no!  When you hire a photographer, you are saying you trust them and you prefer their artistic style.  It is so important to look through a photographer’s portfolio to see if these are the types of pictures you want from your wedding day.  Do not choose your photographer just because they fit your budget!!  Now, if you have 1 or 2 photos that you just HAVE to have mention it to your photographer….but PLEASE remember your photographer’s desire is “to document your unique day and not recreate someone else’s.”


4.  Unplugged Ceremony & Day


This I CANNOT say enough!  Ask yourself one question.  Do you want all the expensive photos of you walking down the isle to have your guests holding their phones up??  NOOO!  Luckily this is becoming a more common trend for weddings, and there are lots of cute ways to ask your guests to unplug.


Our photographer is taking pictures,

we asked them to come.

So please rest your cameras,

we only need one.


We have an awesome photographer,

and she loves to share.

So please turn your phones off,

or leave them elsewhere.


Leave your phone in the car and experience the moment with us

and not through the screen


This is also true for other parts of the day!  From a photographer’s perspective,


“I see a lot of parents documenting the day (filming first dances or speeches, getting ready, or even the ceremony).  I make it a goal to capture family throughout the day, and when Mom or Dad (or even Gma) is on their phone, they miss being truly in the moment. “


5.  Hire a Wedding Planner


I promise I did not come up with this one haha!  A planner or day of coordinator really does make their lives much easier!  Your photographer loves you, but it is not their job to keep your day on track.


“I love making weddings run smoothly, but it’s not necessarily in my job description.  I’m there to document and not to plan.”


“We’re here to document, not everything else outside our job description.  I’m all for over delivering, but sometimes you meet that fine line and say, ‘I’m not getting paid enough for this.’”


6.  Artistic Copyright


This is something that guests and families are usually just ignorant about.  Which is why I’m here to educate you!  So here we go….say it with me…”Their Poses are Their Poses!”  When your photographer sets up a photo, that is their artistic copyright.  Please kindly ask that your bridal party and family respect that.  They should not be taking snapshots on their phones of the professional wedding poses.  This is in almost every photographer’s contract, but they will likely feel unable to ask YOUR family and friends to respect a contract they have never seen.  Your wedding planner should also be able to respectfully ask guests for no pictures. 


While we are on the subject of copyright, please credit your photographer when you share those gorgeous photos online!


7.  Allow Them to Coordinate with the Videographer and DJ


Whether your videographer is a professional or not, they need to be on the same page as the photographer.  You want to avoid situations like this one…


“I’ve had uncle Bobs jump in front of me during the first kiss and literally circle the couple during their vows.  It was crazy and totally not needed.”


8.  Feed Them & Seat Them


Your photographer has been on their feet for most of the day!  They are working hard and deserve to have a meal.  (and if you really love your photographer avoid anything called a “vendor meal.”  Many catering companies will offer discounted meals for brides to feed their vendors…they are gross.  We’re talking soggy sandwiches and stale cookies).  Not to mention, weddings almost always have leftover food anyway. 


Your photographer also deserves a designated place to sit and eat.  This place should NOT be in the kitchen or a room other than the reception hall.  It is a very bad idea to ask your photographer to leave the reception space because they might miss something special!


9.  Tipping IS Allowed and Appreciated


Just like hair and makeup, tipping your photographer is allowed and always very appreciated!


10.  Be Patient


Post wedding - BE PATIENT!  It takes a long time to edit that many photos, but hopefully you can get a sneak peak of just a few.



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